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Credits is an option that you discover the people who created the game.

What this option talks about in the beginning? : Discover the team behind DBZ Devolution.

The Credits[]

Dragon Ball Devolution


Made by

Etienne Bégué

Especial thanks for the help from

Amine, Andréas, Andrés Erasmo, Aroffff, Avion, Azan, BrolySSj, Chrisis, Darvel, Driss1993, Dyno, Funrush, Hyper-Zack, Igna, Jason, Jim, jhonbanyam, Josh, KameHameHaC12, Kario, Mahmad, MatthewK, Metapro, Mickey2001, Mystic, Nicole pong, Oswaldo Flores Mr.Fishie, Rayandbz, Sider, Soduko, ssj3Vegeta, ssjwarrior, Tailsker, Taikeru, vincent512, XD forever, Zelkova, Zipper49

You guys are awesome!

Original music composed by

Shunsuke Kikuchi

8-bits remixed by


This game is a tribute to

Akira Toriyama

Thanks for playing!