Dragon Ball Z Devolution Wikia

Goku SS or Goku SSj is a version of Goku that can transform into the various Super Saiyan forms.

Stage 1 (Normal)[]

The Goku photo

Power: 2

Speed: 2

Energy: 3

Aura: Light Blue

Stage 2 (Super Saiyan)[]

The Super Saiyan photo

Power: 3

Speed: 3

Energy: 4

Aura: Yellow

Stage 3 (Super Saiyan 2)[]

The Super Saiyan 2 photo

Power: 4

Speed: 4

Energy: 4

Aura: Yellow (Sparks with electrical energy)

Stage 4 (Super Saiyan 3)[]

The Super Saiyan 3 photo

Power: 5

Speed: 5

Energy: 5

Aura: Light Yellow (Circular)

Special Ability []

Goku can fire the Spirit Bomb, a large sphere of energy that does a devastating amount of damage when landed. However, this can only be done without Super Saiyan.