Gohan is the son of Goku and is a playable character in Dragon Ball Z Devolution. Kid Gohan is the version of Gohan that appears in the Saiyan saga and Frieza saga.

Stage 1 Edit


Power: 2

Speed: 2

Energy: 2

Aura: Light Blue

Stage 2 (Angered) Edit


Power: 3

Speed: 2

Energy: 2

Aura: Light Blue

Playable Events Edit

Dragon Ball Z

SAIYANS - The Training, Let the games begin!, Mighty Nappa, The worn-out warriors

NAMEK - Stranded on Namek

CAPTAIN GINYU - The Ginyu Force, Vegeta VS Recoome, Goku or Ginyu?!

FRIEZA - The wrath of Frieza, Fighting power: one million??, The fourth warrior, Frieza's third form, The ultimate battle begins!

Dead Zone - You can do it Gohan!

The World's Strongest - Goku's turn, Not you Piccolo!

Tree of Might - Another brother of Goku?

Lord Slug - A new Namekian appears

Garlic Jr. Saga - Garlic is back!!, The Makyo Star's power

Cooler's Revenge - Frieza's back again?

The Return of Cooler - Cooler isn't dead?

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